Lookmove: the first global real estate platform

Lausanne, 5 June 2019 – A new on-line platform with real estate offers, Lookmove, associating individuals and professionals, has just been launched. Its founder and CEO, Maxime Danibert, started with a simple observation: “Finding real estate is often tormenting. We have been watching our parents, friends or colleagues lose time and energy, to reach a result that is not always satisfactory. Offers are often dispersed, the assistance is not sufficiently personalised and flexible, and the technological tools are not up to date. The Lookmove platform has been founded in response to the recurring difficulties faced by every real estate developer.”

Lookmove has over 100,000 properties for sale and for rent. To simplify the search of real estate developers, the platform collects real estate offers from over 100 Swiss real estate websites. Furthermore, the portal offers two models for the promotion of offers. In the case of real estate offers for rent, it is possible to publish the advertisement directly on the platform. The proposed rate is 1 CHF per day. In the case of real estate properties for sale, owners can create their own ads for free and get an assistance of a dedicated local real estate agent.

Refusing the uberisation of the real estate market transactions and considering that the value of real estate agent assistance is crucial in a sales project, the Lookmove platform has partnered with local real estate agents.

In this way, the platform contacts people who want to sell their property with agents – enabling them to sign new contracts. Lookmove has the ambition to simplify, streamline, secure and optimise the real estate transactions by meeting the needs and uses of today’s consumers and real estate professionals.

For more information, visit www.lookmove.ch