Lookmove: digitisation of the real estate services

Lausanne, 20 June 2019 – A recently launched new platform for on-line meetings in the real estate market, Lookmove, takes advantage of the latest technological tools, trying to revive the Swiss real estate market.

The portal already collects real estate offers from over 100 Swiss real estate websites. Browsing offers containing contact data of the owner or real estate representative is completely free.

The profession of real estate agent is changing and requires adaptation to new uses to meet the expectations of today’s consumers. They are looking for trustworthy, reliable and comprehensive digital platforms that are easy to use. At the same time, they want to control their tools for searching offers and use customised services that are perfectly tailored to their needs.Lookmove is convinced that the involvement of all the players, including the real estate agents, is key to improving the real estate sector.

Therefore, the portal treats them as the core for the offered solution, providing technological, commercial and marketing assistance as a part of a partnership offering a win-win situation to all the interested parties.

Currently, extensive work is underway to provide consumers with an intuitive and attractive way of searching for real estate offers or buyers as well as a place for interaction with local certified real estate agents.

This is confirmed by the CEO and founder, Maxime Danibert: “We will soon provide a free on-line property estimate tool. However, this is not all; we will also expand our network of partners in the Canton of Geneva and in major Swiss cities such as Zurich, Basel and Bern.” Please, remember, as well, that as of the end of June, partners will gain access to a new version of customer relationship management (CRM) software. Finally, it should be remembered that in the case of sale through an agent-partner by means of the Lookmove platform, the commercial commission is shared between the agent and the Lausanne start-up. Such a business model is transparent, friendly and easy to understand for real estate partners. The latter do not have to incur any fees until the sale is completed.

For more information, visit www.lookmove.ch