Lausanne start-up is redefining the real estate portal

Lausanne, 5 June 2019 – A new on-line platform with real estate offers, Lookmove, associating individuals and professionals, has just been launched. The Lausanne start-up has a clearly defined goal: to associate particular players in the real estate sector and make it easier for anyone to find their dream property or sell the property at the best price.

To develop a solution that meets the expectations of all the stakeholders in the real estate sector (buyers, sellers, tenants and professionals), Lookmove S.A. incurred the first capital expenditure of CHF 500,000 at the end of December 2017 and has just approved the A series investment, raising the total expenditure to the amount of CHF 1.7 million. One of the main shareholders of Lookmove is Frédéric Rusconi, a long-time player on the real estate market in Switzerland. As the director of Rusconi Construction S.A. in years 2006–2013, until the day of sale of this family-owned company employing 100 employees, Frédéric Rusconi managed large construction and development projects in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. As an expert on the real estate sector and the industry players who are seriously interested in real estate in the Internet age, Frédéric has been cooperating with Maxime Danibert, the CEO and the founder of the company since 2015, developing Lookmove, bringing his knowledge and network to the company.

Finally, it should be remembered that when selling through an agent-partner, the commercial commission is shared between the agent and the Lausanne start-up. Such a business model is transparent, friendly and easy to understand for real estate partners. The latter are already accustomed to commission sharing among agents. They do not have to incur any fees until the sale is completed. Lookmove’s ambition is to support real estate professionals and offerors by providing an unprecedented partnership that is beneficial to both parties.

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